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Client Reviews

1. Guide Service and Shops
Each one of the tour guide services was always friendly and informative. We especially enjoyed Sandy in Beijing, Judy in Chongqing, Tiger at the Three Gorges, Nick in Shanghai and Joanne in Guilin - Yangshuo. We can't be effusive enough in describing their services.
Although we did make stops at several souvenir shops and factories, we never felt pressured to make any purchases. In fact, the shops (tea, embroidery, Friendship store, etc.) were very interesting.
2. Driver Service and Vehicle
Without exception, the drivers were all highly skilled, courteous and helpful. The vans were always clean, comfortable and equipped with air conditioning. Riding in traffic in the big cities was always thrilling and an exciting adventure on its own.
3. Lunches and Dinners
Although all the meals were good, we enjoyed the lunches and dinners more when we had the chance to have these meals separate from the large tour groups, such as the meals during the Yangtze River Cruise. Our favorites were the dumpling lunch in Beijing, the hot pot dinner in Chongqing, the lunch in Yichang and the extra fancy dinner in Yangshuo.
Although we were warned that the "quality of the food" at the lunch aboard the ship in Quilin - Yangshuo would not be "as good as the normal meals", we found it to be perfectly adequate.
4. Hotels
With the exception of the hotel accommodations at the New Century Hotel in Yangshuo, which had very hard, uncomfortable beds (no matresses, only bedsprings), all the hotel accommodations were excellent.
5. Daily Bottled Water
Yes. We got two bottles of water each day´╝îThank you.
6. References
We wouldn't mind at all having you post our comments on your website. Your services were excellent. We've been telling our family and friends how efficient and accommodating you have been in making all the necessary arrangements for the complicated logistics that were required for this China tour. Thank you very much.

Richard Lee , James Dorius & John Thomas Hyatt

Updated: Thursday, May 27, 2010

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